Search Engine Results Page Features

Naturally, it is the ultimate purpose to increase traffic volume to a website with specific goals in mind for any individual working within the search engine environment.

Within the upcoming year, it is more than likely that search engines will be looking to expand upon existing features. Meaning, if you haven’t already started to harness all that search engines have to offer, now is the time to start.

Voice Search is bigger

Unsurprisingly, as voice recognition software improves the more products with the feature are on offer, resulting in the increased use of the software. The main example of this would be voice search.

Within the last year the increased popularity of the voice search has certainly shown it is not a passing trend; the software has improved to an extent that people feel more comfortable using the feature as their searches are able to become more detailed. They are also not forced to repeat themselves due to frequent misunderstandings or being forced into changing the way they naturally speak in order to be understood by the software.

This trend certainly should make you think about the way you strategise your SEO. This would involve ensuring that not only the basic key words and phrases are covered but to also focus upon terms, phrases and sentences that people frequent within conversational speech. Namely because of the differences in phrases, key words and sentences used within typed text and spoken speech.

Mobile devices will stay on the rise

Mobile devices are continuing to dominate the web landscape, with web browsing staying increasingly popular on mobile phone and tablet devices. These devices are said to actually be more popular for browsing the web than traditional desktops.

This is reflected upon by the near-mandatory use of mobile and tablet friendly websites. It is an absolute essential to ensure your website is mobile and tablet friendly, especially if your aim is to increase website traffic volume via search engine results page rankings (the mobile and tablet accessibility of a website is a search engine ranking factor!).

As mentioned above, the voice search is continually on the rise much like mobile devices. It is no coincidence that voice searches have been increasingly popular since mobile and tablet devices went hand in hand with voice recognition software, in fact, this facilitated the surge in voice searches.

Optimise Your Strategies

Revisiting your SEO strategy on a regular basis is a necessity. This is because SEO is a fast paced industry moving and changing quickly; if you don’t keep up you’ll get left behind.

Ensuring your content is as relevant and up to date as possible can be as quick and easy as changing a sentence, adding some key words and phrases or even adding some of your surrounding locations for search results. Google is the main search engine to focus on; there are many features on offer to boost the users experience and this can include: ensuring websites are mobile-friendly and consist of normal terms and language as opposed to specialised jargon, scanning the relevancy of a sites content, using personalised search engine results and ensuring faster page speeds.

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