SEO can be an expensive and competitive landscape for a myriad of businesses… not to mention confusing?

National SEO is almost an undefeatable task to get ahead of if you don’t have a large wallet to endlessly throw at Google AdWords; it is also not always necessary for many industries & independents. Developing a trusted online presence through Local Organic SEO tactics can benefit your business significantly. Here’s some of the key industries that consistently reap the benefits investing within a local SEO Strategy…

1. Landscapers, Plumbers, and qualified Tradesmen.

Typically, if you’re operating as a self-employed tradesman or a micro business, targeting customers within the local area is going to make up the bread and butter of your business. The road to success in this industry type is building up your online presence ensuring 5* reviews on platforms like ‘Google My Business’ and Yell this not only contributes to your Search Engine ranking but helps instil consumer trust in your service.
Getting to the first or second ranking is also an unnecessary fixation for many trades type businesses, firstly because the top 3 listings are usually paid ads which are often bypassed by potential customers opting for the organic listings. As long you’re mid-ranking on the first page this usually guarantees a high potential of traffic.

2. Independent Lawyers, Consultants & Business Professionals.

Independent Business professionals like Lawyers & Consultants are an ideal sector for Local SEO; audiences searching for these individuals are typically looking for specific skill sets & qualifications. Local SEO in this instance enables individuals to focus on what is predominantly sought after within certain locations. By using clever tools like ‘Google Keyword Planner’ or ‘Word Tracker’ you can see what you’re target audience is searching for by location and the volume in which services are being searched for as well as cross referencing data. Using your website in tandem with your overall business goals and curating finely tuned content in line with this enables an augmented potential for lead generation without the price ticket of most AdWords Campaigns.

Almost all industries can increase their sales & brand credibility by investing in an effective Local SEO Strategy.

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